Tummy Tuck in Seattle


Among Dr. Sobel’s signature procedures is the abdominoplasty. This procedure, the venerable “tummy tuck,” is the most effective way of removing excess abdominal skin and supporting the abdominal corset, thus restoring the contour of the lower torso. The modern twist on this procedure is the combined liposuction and tummy tuck procedure, also known as the lipoabdominoplasty. This procedure, as popularized by Avelar, Illouz, Saldana, and others, is the most powerful way of changing the contour of the midsection. It affords both removal of diet and exercise fat while removing skin and supporting the abdominal corset simultaneously. Though Dr. Sobel offers more traditional tummy tuck procedures as indicated, the aesthetically comprehensive lipoabdominoplasty is often the procedure of choice as it provides for less discomfort and faster recovery among other benefits.

People considering abdominoplasty are generally looking to get rid of excess skin after weight loss or childbirth. Since the lipoabdominoplasty procedure does not require the patient to be at goal weight for optimum results, many of Dr. Sobel’s patients have found it a psychological boost to enjoy the results of the procedure while their are part way along the path to their diet and exercise goals. If you’re interested in a tummy tuck, Seattle men and women of all ages can discuss their options with Dr. Sobel at Anderson Sobel Cosmetic Surgery. The best candidates are individuals who maintain healthy, active lifestyles.

For a tummy tuck, Seattle surgeons typically use general anesthesia during your surgery; however, for select patients having lipoabdominoplasty, a lighter form of sedation may be used. An incision is made along the natural contour of the lower abdomen to minimize scar visibility – typically, below the level of a c-section scar in women and below the belt line in men. Second, the muscular corset will be restored, if separated, to help result in a flat abdominal area. Lastly, excess skin is removed before sutures close the incision. The wounds are covered with MedPore Paper tape, which Dr. Sobel has found more effective than silicone sheeting for the best resultant scar. Dr. Sobel does not typically use drains; however you will be place in a spandex compression garment.

Dr. Sobel strongly recommends platelet-rich plasma, which speeds healing. Platelet-rich plasma is harvested from the patient’s own blood by centrifuge, which separates the platelets and their growth factors, from the remainder of the blood. Thus a purified healing product is obtained with the inflammatory products, found in the rest of whole blood, removed.

After your surgery, you may see swelling in your abdomen and feel discomfort, which will be alleviated by medication. The recovery in not convalescent: Patients are required to walk 30 minutes, three times daily beginning the day after surgery. After two weeks, you can return to normal activity and in three to six months, your recovery will be complete. Throughout the healing process, you will have easy access to the doctor so that any concerns can be addressed. When complete, you will have a newly restored and contoured abdomen for a more flattering figure. You can discuss the best timeline for surgery with the doctor in order to be ready for the summer, winter holidays, or any important event or occasion.

Tummy tucks are often combined with other body contouring procedures including breast augmentation. Seattle area patients, with their active and busy lifestyles often consolidate procedures to reduce time away from work and leisure. Other procedures that are often combined with tummy tucks include breast lifting, and breast reduction as well as arm lift, thigh lift, butt lift, and fat grafting for the augmentation of the breast and/or buttocks.

Whether you are putting the finishing touches on your body after a long term, successful weight loss plan or looking to restore the body after pregnancy, you can get the results you’re looking for when you come to Anderson Sobel Cosmetic Surgery.


A tummy tuck is a very common and popular procedure in the fields of cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery; Seattle is no exception. To explore your options and start working on a plan for your personal transformation with a tummy tuck, Seattle and Bellevue residents can call (425) 453-9060. You can also fill out our form today to arrange for a consultation with the doctor. We look forward to helping you pursue your personal transformation.


I’m very impressed with my result! Thank you! Excellent patient care and consulting! All the staff is very professional and made me feel at ease before and after the procedure. They explained the procedure which made me feel very comfortable!
- KB, plastic surgery patient

, plastic surgery patient
I’m very impressed with my result! Thank you! Excellent patient care and consulting! All the staff is very professional and made me feel at ease before and after the procedure. They explained the procedure which made me feel very comfortable!